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Old-London, several victims have been murdered by the famous serial killer called “Jack The Ripper”. You enter the office of the quirky detective who investigates the murders. Some pieces of the puzzle are missing, the investigation is crashing. Can you and your team find the right clues and solve the mystery? Time is ticking, but how safe are you actually in this battle… Find out who and when Jack the ripper murdered and make sure you leave his office as fast as you can!


I already played Jack the Ripper

A classic Escape Room with a new twist

If you played Jack the Ripper at our basement, you cannot play it again.

Did you play Jack the Ripper a longer while ago on our old location,  then you can definitely play The Mystery of Whitechapel.

Important information

For The Mystery of Whitechapel a minimum age limit of 12 years is applied.

Besides that there’s a maximum amount of participants of 6 persons. This is by order of the fire department.

If you’d like to play with more participants, you could book more slots next to each other. We really cannot change anything about the maximum amount, but if you’d have any special wishes, just let us know.

Important notice:

You play The Mystery of Whitechapel at our new location at Diepenhorstlaan 11c, Rijswijk. Our old and new location are as the crow flies 500 meters apart.

Costs for The Mystery of Whitechapel

On Mondays until Thursdays

€ 100,- per game

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

€ 110,- per game

Booking The Mystery of Whitechapel will be paid directly through iDeal or Credit Card. On the location you can pay any supplementary drinks or food by cash or debit card.