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Who do you challenge for the competition?

A unique Escape Room experience, where you don’t play alone for this time… It will be black against white, the dark against the light. Nothing in this room is predictable and only for the true Escape Room victor.

The Competition is a unique battle Escape Room where white battles black. Will your team be able to get “the key” to the exit first?

60 minutes, 2 identical rooms, 1 winner!



There’s a maximum amount of participants of 6 persons per team. This is by order of the fire department.

If you’d like to play with more participants, you should split the group. We really cannot change anything about the maximum amount, but if you’d have any special wishes, just let us know.

Important notice:

The Competition used to be at Amaze Escape in the Hague and isn’t redesigned to be played again.

Costs for the Competition

On Mondays until Thursdays

€ 200,- per game

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

€ 220,- per game

Booking the Competition will be paid directly through iDeal or Credit Card. On the location you can pay any supplementary drinks or food by cash or debit card.