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We zijn er bijna! We mogen bijna open. Helaas gaan we 1 juni niet redden, maar we zijn wel in gesprek met Gemeente Rijswijk over de voorwaarden waaronder we weer open kunnen.

Things can get crazy at our place!

All kinds of possibilities

Next to playing Escape Rooms we also offer the possibility to do other things! How about a pubquiz or a GPS puzzle tour? A lunch, drinks, dinner, meeting, workshops or a completely arranged team outing? All kinds of possibilities!

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Other games and entertainment:

Board games

If you visit us with a larger group, the people who have to wait in our lobby won’t be bored. Next to the possibility for a drink or eat some snacks, we have several board games available.



If you’d like an extensive and complete getaway that takes a little longer than just one hour, we can extend your stay with a pubquiz. Ideal for larger groups to brighten up the waiting times. We’ll take care of a game master and score forms, will you take care of the correct answers? Only € 65 for a group of maximum 10 persons.

Other possibilities


Are you looking for a really cool present?
Look no further and buy one of our giftcards!
They are easily and already from € 25,- ordered and very cool to receive, because from then on there’s no escaping!

Check the page with the giftcards and order them directly!

Lunch / Drinks

From a minimum of 5 people you can already enjoy a lovely lunch at our location. Before or after you play an Escape Room you enjoy delicious sandwiches, fresh juice, milk and more.

If your escape is planned a little later on the day, we can also serve some (non-)alcholic drinks and snacks.

With a bite and a sip your group will be prepared for what will come or enjoy the aftertalk about what happened the past hour.

In both cases please contact us for all possibilities.


For a lovely dinner we have a partnership with Herberg van Ouds ‘t Nest, also established in Rijswijk, only 5 minutes by car and 10 minutes by bike away.

For every group it’s possible to use our special Escape Room arrangement at Herberg van Ouds ‘t Nest before or after playing an Escape Room.

Please contact us, just to be sure, so we can optimally prepare your visit.


In collaberation with our partner ZakelijkeTrainer.nl it’s possible to combine the useful with the pleasant.

In consultation with you we will set up a custom program, in which one of the workshops from ZakelijkeTrainer.nl will be central and the playing of an Escape Room will be an intrigate part of that.

Team outing

Are you looking for a meaningful getaway? You’re at the right address! For grousp from 6 people and up we can set up a custom program for your liking.

Are you with more than 6 perons, than we can arrange that you will be playing different Escape Rooms at the same time, after which you will meet again in the lobby. If you want to add a competition element you can play the same Escape Room after each other, so we can compare the Escape times. By default we reserve 2 hours per group, but in your case we can shorten the time to about one hour and fifteen minutes per group.