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J & N Blackwire. A brother and sister who used to live in this old and neglected house. They have always been behaving bizarre and mysterious, but since a few months there has been no sign of neither of them. A few people already tried to find out what happened. Some of them never came out, while others ended up in a mental hospital.
We have no idea what’s going on with or what happened to the Blackwires.

Go in and get back within the hour, otherwise we will also give up our hope on you too.


Important information

For Jason’s Curse a minimum age limit of 16 years is applied.

Besides that there’s a maximum amount of participants of 6 persons. This is by order of the fire department.

If you’d like to play with more participants, you could book more slots next to each other. We really cannot change anything about the maximum amount, but if you’d have any special wishes, just let us know.


You play Jason’s Curse on our old location at Verrijn Stuartlaan 50, RIjswijk. Our old and new location are as the crow flies 500 meters apart.

Costs for Jason’s Curse

On Mondays until Thursdays
€ 125,- per game

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
€ 135,- per game

Booking Jack the Ripper will be paid directly through iDeal or Credit Card. On the location you can pay any supplementary drinks or food by cash or debit card.

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